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Team leads

Whether you run a small business or lead a team, we know you have lots on your plate. That’s why we built Geekbot: to make your days more manageable, with everything you need to run effective standups, surveys, and reports.

Sync up across time zones

Remote teams often work in different time zones. With Geekbot, it doesn’t matter where you work. You can stay in sync and build a culture of communication, using the bot to log tasks and manage goals, saving time and energy at every step.

Automate what you can

Fire a meeting notes report after a meeting. Get a direct message when someone reports a new blocker. Even transfer new answers to a spreadsheet when teammates report for a Geekbot standup, all automatically, all via Geekbot zap.

Make the most of 1-on-1s

Give your 1-on-1s a boost, making the most of in-person time by surfacing what matters before you meet. That way, when the time comes to speak, you can focus on what’s important, even having solutions to suggest.
We love Geekbot! Our team uses it every morning for statuses. We consider Geekbot to be a member of our team, literally.
Joshua Jacobs, Senior UX Designer at Mural

See when someone’s unhappy

When people work apart, it can be hard to know how they feel. A tool like Geekbot helps fill the void by asking questions like “How do you feel today?” or using its happiness algorithm to understand the sentiment of natural language answers.

Access a global overview

The more standups you run, the harder they are to analyze. But by running them in Geekbot, you get one clear overview of all your team’s activities, with clusters and Gantt charts visualizing the links between projects, tasks, and daily operations.

Get started with a prefilled template

Daily Standup

Keep your whole team in the loop, with updates on daily progress and possible blockers.

Monthly 1-on-1

Check in with your team mates at the end of every month to hear how they feel about work and life.

Pizza Toppings

Help your team relax and bond with fun questions. Movies, interests, you name it!

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