Frequently asked questions

How to Report in a Workflow

Participants can report in a Geekbot workflow either by waiting for them to trigger at the scheduled time or by manually triggering them with the “report” command (note: if you’re not in a workflow, Geekbot will prompt you to create one).

Accessing Your Dashboard

Accessing your Geekbot dashboard is easy. Either click ‘Login’ on our website or send the bot a direct message saying “dashboard” in Slack or MS Teams.

Editing Workflow Settings

To update a workflow’s settings (like adjusting participants, changing the schedule, or deleting it), go to ‘My workflows’ in your Geekbot dashboard and click ‘Manage’ in the top-right corner. Read more here.

Managing a Workflow

Only participants with ‘Manage’ privileges can manage a Geekbot workflow. To identify the current admins, hover over the workflow’s ‘Manage’ button in your Geekbot dashboard.

Geekbot’s Billing Policy

When it comes to billing, Geekbot only charges for active participants. Suppose you have 50 members in your Slack/MS Teams account, but only 15 use Geekbot; you’ll only be billed for those 15. Find out more here.

Free Trial Period

Geekbot offers a 30-day free trial, giving your team enough time to experience the bot’s features to the full. Once the period ends, you’ll be asked to choose a plan based on the number of active participants.

Free Plan

If your team has 10 or less active participants, you can use Geekbot’s ‘Start-up plan’ completely free — no credit card required.

Discounts for Non-Profits and Educational Organizations

If you’re part of a non-profit or educational organization, Geekbot offers a 50% discount in support of your cause. Simply reach out to our customer support to set this up.

Cancelling Your Subscription

To cancel your subscription, simply remove the Geekbot integration from the Slack or Teams workspace where it’s installed. Find out more here.

We love Geekbot! Our team uses it every morning for statuses. We consider Geekbot to be a member of our team, literally.
Joshua Jacobs, Senior UX Designer at Mural