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Geekbot brings you peace of mind!
Keep your team in sync
Find harmony in your day as standups, scrums, retrospectives, and surveys run on autopilot.
Get more done
Enjoy the freedom of a self-managing team as streamlined workflows unlock valuable time.
Help performers, perform
Build a culture of communication across borders and timezones, so your people can perform at their best.
Stay analytical
Measure engagement, happiness, and productivity with AI language analysis that reveals the thinking behind the answers.
Set up for Slack
Move key activities to your favorite Slack channel as Geekbot works straight out-the-box.
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Customer success stories

See how Geekbot helps some of the best and most successful teams out there.
Set teamwork on autopilot
Geekbot automates recurring tasks. It runs daily standups, collects surveys, shares responses, and posts updates to your slack channels at a time and pace that suits. It speaks plain ol’ English (Spanish, French, or any natural language!), no developer skills required - with quick replies, vacation mode, chat history, and anonymous surveys to handle your every need.
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Keep the squad happy
Geekbot is happy by default, people can need support. Geekbot tracks team morale on a daily basis, analyzing natural language responses, so you know when to step in should the workload get too much. Nothing sounds the siren for pizza like a Team Happiness graph. Let Geekbot deliver when your squad’s in need.

Fill in the blanks!

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Data-driven insight
Geekbot loves nothing more than to share its artificial intelligence, deriving new data points from every answer it reads. It makes it easy to understand the topics, activities, tasks, blockers, key dates, and timeframes that are trending in your team. With Sankey diagrams and Gantt charts to turn insight into action.
Geekbot for developers
Geekbot is always on the lookout for new tricks! Amp up your automation using Geekbot’s public API, building custom features to create your own magic workflows. Geekbot can even interact with your favorite online tools or integrate with internal systems. In fact, there’s little this geek cannot master.
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