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Run standup meetings in Slack & Teams

Join thousands of teams that use Geekbot to automate daily standups, retros and more workflows.
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Enjoy fewer meetings

Geekbot’s here to save you time, turning routine updates into automated workflows. Set the time and frequency of standups, the questions to ask, and who should receive a prompt. Then watch Geekbot post responses in Slack or MS Teams. Setup only takes a minute, yet Geekbot can save you hours every day.
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Easy to use

You can set Geekbot to work in just a few clicks. Templates get you going in seconds, you can tweak details in your dashboard, and if you need help, live support is on-hand.

Local time zones

What if you sit in Tokyo, but your team’s based in LA? Geekbot works according to each user’s local time zone, so no one receives a midnight prompt to report.

Friendly reminders

Anyone can ask Geekbot to send a friendly reminder if they forget to report. And if you’re busy, simply snooze the standup until you have time to respond.

Customer Success Stories

See how Geekbot helps some of the best and most successful teams out there.


“With remote employees across five timezones, it has been challenging to build a culture. Thanks to Geekbot, I’ve learned about the people I work with, and it’s really helped bring us together.”

Lawrence Mandel, Director of Engineering
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“I manage a remote team of seven distributed across several timezones. I was struggling to find a smart way to keep standups effective yet concise. That was, until I introduced my team to Geekbot.”

Briana Swift, Senior Manager, Services Programs team
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“At Zapier, we’ve figured out a way to do stand-ups in a timely manner. To cut to the chase, we’ve delegated most of the work to trusty Slack-bot called Geekbot.”

Scott Williams, Senior Engineering Manager
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“My teams work remotely. And most of them have never met each other. Despite my experience, the setup was creating unique challenges that I found hard to overcome. Thankfully, Geekbot rescued me.”

Jean du Plessis, Engineering manager
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daily Standups

Set teamwork on autopilot

Geekbot automates recurring tasks. It runs workflows for daily standups, surveys, custom responses, and posts updates to your Slack or Ms Teams channels at a time and pace that suits. It speaks plain ol’ English (Spanish, French, or any natural language!), no developer skills required – with quick replies, vacation mode, chat history, and anonymous surveys to handle your every need.
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Keep the squad happy

Geekbot is happy by default, people can need support. Geekbot tracks team morale on a daily basis, analyzing natural language responses, so you know when to step in should the workload get too much. Nothing sounds the siren for pizza like a Team Happiness graph. Let Geekbot deliver when your squad’s in need.

Setup in seconds with our templates

It couldn’t be easier to start with Geekbot! Our templates simplify workflows, like standups, retrospectives, surveys and more. Checkout our popular templates.
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Daily Standup

Track daily updates and blockers on autopilot

Give Kudos

Take a moment to recognize your teammates’ efforts

Blockers Report

Give your team an easy way to flag the blockers


Reflect on what went well and what could go better

Data-driven insight

Geekbot loves nothing more than to share its artificial intelligence, deriving new data points from every answer it reads. It makes it easy to understand the topics, activities, tasks, blockers, key dates, and timeframes that are trending in your team. With Sankey diagrams and Gantt charts to turn insight into action.

Geekbot for developers

Geekbot is always on the lookout for new tricks! Amp up your automation using Geekbot’s public API, building custom features to create your own magic workflows. Geekbot can even interact with your favorite online tools or integrate with internal systems. In fact, there’s little this geek cannot master.

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I can get to know my teammates better when we work remotely. Geekbot facilitates icebreaker questions and encourages participation.
Amy Jian, Product Manager at Autodesk