Security Practices


Security is a really important matter. Here at Geekbot it is essential because our customers trust us with confidential information. We are constantly developing our security infrastructure and processes to ensure the safeguarding of our customer’s sensitive data. For more information on security matters or security vulnerabilities, please contact our live support.

Geekbot staff practices

We implement ongoing, relevant, and up-to-date security training with all of our employees. Access to all data is limited only to those necessary. We conduct background checks before employment, and all of our staff members are required to read and sign our security and confidentiality policy agreement.


All of our employees are restricted by regulations to maintain confidentiality concerning user data. Access to data is restricted, limiting availability to only those necessary. Data generated from the daily use of the service in the form of reports is encrypted and in order to be accessed, the employees responsible will only do so after requesting permission from the customer.

For example, the support staff has access to standup settings but not to the actual standup report log.

As a company, we treat matters concerning user data with the utmost importance.

PCI Compliance

We are currently not a PCI certified service provider but we ensure the security of your information by using a PCI compliant payment gateway. No credit card information is stored on our servers.

Data encryption in transit and at rest

All internal service communications and communications between our service and Slack are encrypted via SSL. Sensitive data such as standup reports are encrypted at record level using 256bit keys.

Data retention

All user data can be deleted upon request. A custom data retention policy can be also arranged where specific intervals are set when data will be wiped.

Incident management

Our company will inform you in the event of any security breach or unauthorized access to user data.\