Run workflows in Microsoft Teams

Geekbot offers an easy way to automate standups, retrospectives, and surveys, and more workflows right in MS Teams. Enjoy fewer meetings, save time on reporting, and see who’s working on what, all with the bot that keeps teams in sync, entirely asynchronously.

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Automate standups, retros, & more workflows

With Geekbot, you can send questions, collect responses, and share them in your favorite Teams channel, all on auto-pilot. Freeing everyone to focus on getting their work done.

Spend less time in meetings

Why spend time in workflows when a bot can collect daily updates? Forget calendar clashes and disruptions, let Geekbot run asynchronous meetings, helping your team respond at a time and pace that suits.

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Visualize progress and blockers

Geekbot’s custom AI processes every answer, tracking who’s working on what and flagging if someone’s blocked. It then turns the insights into colorful charts, keeping you in the loop of progress and blockers.

Track team morale

The bot analyzes the tone of every answer to check if your team feels happy or sad. Meaning you can track morale, monitor engagement, and reduce employee turnover, all using one simple graph.

Secure and enterprise-ready

You’re in safe hands with Geekbot. It’s ISO certified, ensuring your data is secure. And it’s enterprise-ready, so it’s easy to add at an organizational level, meaning your whole business can be up and running in minutes.
We love Geekbot! Our team uses it every morning for statuses. We consider Geekbot to be a member of our team, literally.
Joshua Jacobs, Senior UX Designer at Mural

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