Focus Mode

👋 Hey there! You are just one step away from doing focused work!

Introducing Focus Mode

Eliminate distraction, rediscover concentration and get work done with Geekbot’s Focus Mode.
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Workers can lose up to 23 minutes on a task every time they are interrupted.
Source from University of California, Irvine

Work doesn’t just happen.

Not when instant messages are involved, anyway. Notifications are an endless source of distraction. They disrupt concentration. And the very nature of always-on workspaces can be a drain on productivity, stealing minutes from every task.

Focus Mode to the rescue.

Focus Mode by Geekbot is here to help. It’s a brand new integration that brings Pomodoro to Slack, helping you concentrate on tasks while showing your teammates exactly what you’re focused on. It even updates your status to Do Not Disturb – letting work, commence.

How To Set Yourself To Focus

Set the Task

Tell focus mode what you’ll work on to keep your team informed

And the Time

Choose how much focus time you need to work undisturbed

Take a Breath

Take time for a break before getting back into focus mode
Then let Focus Mode take care of distractions.

FAQ – Focus Mode

Focus mode is a Slack integration that enables you to focus on important daily tasks without any distractions from your working environment.

Any time you get into Focus mode on any of your chosen tasks, all your notifications automatically are being switched off and Do not Disturb mode is activated.

When you start working with Focus Mode, the name of the respective task along with ? will be displayed to your status on Slack. Therefore, your colleagues will be aware of the task you are working on and that you are not available.

You just need to choose a task, set an approximate time for completion and the desired break time. Focus Mode synchronizes also with your Geekbot daily tasks.

Any of your past “to do” Geekbot tasks that have been reported yesterday or longer are imported automatically in Focus Mode.

On top of your daily standup questions and answers, Geekbot will present all the tasks that you have completed while in Focus Mode in the last 36 hours.