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Workspaces are busy. Distractions are common. But with a tool like Geekbot, you can avoid what’s irrelevant while still keeping up-to-date, putting you in the perfect place to do your best work every day.

Spend less time in meetings

When you’re in the zone, the last thing you want is another meeting. Geekbot protects the most productive hours in your day, replacing long meetings with short, sharp reports, there to complete at a time and pace that suits.
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Enjoy more headspace

Team-wide status updates are an information overload. While most of what’s said, adds little to your day. Geekbot shares reports in a dedicated channel, freeing you to read what’s relevant, then skim through the rest.
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Raise blockers and ask for help

Geekbot is designed to enable people surface blockers with the respective questions in the report set. While if you want to see which type of blockers are impacting progress, the Geekbot dashboard offers a categorized overview.

Geekbot keeps time away from tasks to a minimum and increases my productivity.

Jordan, Front end Developer at digitaloperative.com
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Find knowledge in seconds

Geekbot’s a smart cookie. It understands natural language, letting users ask questions like “Who worked on GraphQL?” before sharing a list of everyone who reported on the activity in question.

Reflect on your progress

Better work might just mean better time management: one of Geekbot’s core strengths. The bot can help you reflect on your workload and prioritize what’s next. Or if you want to check progress, its analytics offer a handy little overview.

Get started with a prefilled template

Quick Check-in

A short, snappy three-question survey to keep teammates in the loop.

Reflection Journal

Taking the time to reflect on your intentions for the day!

Meeting Notes

A run on demand report that helps you sum up the contents of a meeting for others to access.

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