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Remote project management is as tricky as it gets. Torrents of information flow from multiple sources and all you want is a simple way to cope. Enter Geekbot: your bridge across the updates to the details you need.

Run standups, surveys, and reports

Run asynchronous standup meetings, retrospectives, and all the reports you can imagine, including product changelogs and feedback surveys. Then broadcast replies to a public or private channel, and extract reports to share with stakeholders.

See panoramic progress views

When all you need is an overview, Geekbot can help. Track progress with a weekly email summary or collect insights from your Geekbot dashboard, using Gantt charts and thematic clusters to see the topics mentioned in reports.

Extract reporting data

Your Geekbot dashboard offers more than insights. Use it to pull data from standups and reports, applying custom formulas to spreadsheets. You can even roll up reports from different users and extract person-specific data.
A less intrusive team check-in for remote teams that’s easy to use. The non-committal updates really help us stay on the same page with our team. We have found our home with Geekbot.
Alex Bass, Consulting Partner for Copper CRM

Get an update in seconds

Sometimes, there’s not even time to skim-read reports. But a quick question to Geekbot like “What’s @Kate been working on since Monday?” or “What’s the team working on this week?” delivers the details you need.

React fast to problems

Geekbot works with your favorite apps. Meaning if someone reports a blocker, you can set a Zap to notify you straight away. You’ll get a Direct Message about the issue in question, nudging you to respond straight away.

Track team engagement

participation overview shows who’s shared an update, with Geekbot celebrating the people who report the most. An engagement summary broadcasts in your chosen channel, leaving the bot to prompt anyone who’s yet to reply.

Get started with a prefilled template

Daily Sync

A daily check-in that helps keep teammates singing from the same song sheet.

Meeting Notes

A run on demand report that helps you sum up the contents of a meeting for others to access.

Sales Report

Report on your sales goals progress and track your team’s performance.

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