Geekbot for Scrum Masters

Agile ceremonies work best when everyone follows the same process. Geekbot helps teams use each element of Scrum, participating in standups, retrospectives, and any other surveys you choose.
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Run short, effective standups

Standups should be short and to the point. With Geekbot, they always are. The bot sends your standup questions on your schedule, reminding teams to report and share knowledge at a time and pace that suits.

Add retros and follow up on actions

Scrum needs more than standups. That’s why Geekbot also handles remote retrospectives (and follows up on the agreed actions), helping world-class teams improve workflows and boost productivity in an agile, engaging, and effective way.

Empower your remote team

Embrace the transparency the bot brings, when you read about a teammate’s blocker, offering support if morale dips, or shifting priorities at the right moment. And when it comes to reporting to stakeholders, know Geekbot’s analytics could help you.
The features are great, the automation has helped our team report regularly. Travis Cramer, Software Engineer at SRG

Access detailed analytics

Use graphs and Gantt charts to track performance over time. Spot where the focus is at through Sankey diagrams. You can even check daily participation, existing blockers, and other useful insights, all through the Geekbot dashboard.

Boost velocity with integrations

Geekbot works with tools like Zapier, helping you automate even more of your day. Create a Zap after new calendar events, log issues from Geekbot reports, auto-update Asana tasks, there are many options, especially with the integrations we’re building every day.

Get started with a prefilled template

Geekbot offers configurable templates, ready to use as they are or tweak to your liking.

Explore more ways to use Geekbot

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