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Remote work

Who says teamwork only happens in an office? Let Geekbot help your remote team hit its stride with daily syncs, virtual standups, weekly retrospectives, and a collection of team-bonding ideas, all managed in your favorite chat app.

Stay in sync across time zones

Never let a time difference hit ‘snooze’ on comms. Get Geekbot to collect your teammates’ written updates, then read their responses in your own time — in the chat channel of your choice. Laters midnight meetings, it’s time to put you to bed.

Keep your focus in one place

Tired of skipping between productivity apps? Aren’t we all. That’s why we’ve made Geekbot work just as well, in Slack or MS Teams. Now you can keep the skipping rope at arm’s length and your focus in one place.

Turn written updates into data

Geekbot’s one smart cookie. Its purpose-built AI can process language, using insights to analyze people of tasks, blockers, topics, and sentiment. And if you’re one for visuals, you’re sure to love the bot’s Sankey diagrams and Gantt charts.

Embrace Geekbot’s private side

Geekbot loves interaction. If an update is for everyone, the bot can send it to a public channel — or if it’s best kept between friends, Geekbot’s just as happy in a private thread.

Feel part of a team

It’s called remote work, but you needn’t feel apart. Geekbot templates bring teams closer together, sparking playfulness, curiosity, even water-cooler chat. Get to know one another with a random weekly question, or let a Friday selfie raise a smile. Templates are open for you to explore!

Geekbot has helped our disjointed team feel like a team again, in a non-intrusive manner. It fits around my day and my needs in a very convenient way. Ask the core questions for your users to answer when ready.

Alan Small, Co Founder & COO at Paperclip.co

Get started with a prefilled template

Daily Standup

Keep your whole team in the loop, with updates on daily progress and possible blockers.


Reflect on what went well and what can be improved. Decide what to focus on next.

Pizza Toppings

Help your team relax and bond with fun questions. Movies, interests, you name it!

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