Hero people officers

People officers

There’s no magic formula for top performance. But there’s plenty you can do to help. Using a tool like Geekbot lets you increase engagement, monitor morale, and stay on top of issues, helping you help your people perform.

Onboard new teammates

Welcome members to the squad with a special Geekbot report, asking questions that reflect your unique company culture. The bot’s flexible setup makes it simple to tailor the report or add details that’ll help each new joiner settle in.

Track team morale

Geekbot’s happiness algorithm highlights team sentiment by turning natural language responses into a visual graph. It uses the words in reports to see if people are happy or sad: a feature that every team lead absolutely loves.

Run simpler 1-on-1s

Get more from your teams’ 1-on-1s by complementing them with a Geekbot report. So when it comes to chatting in person, your people will have had the time and space to reflect on the topics they want to discuss.
We love Geekbot! Our team uses it every morning for statuses. We consider Geekbot to be a member of our team, literally.
Joshua Jacobs, Senior UX Designer at Mural

Collect confidential feedback

Open communication is the key to happiness. But honesty isn’t easy until you run an anonymous report. Geekbot even broadcasts results to a private channel, as a one-off or on an ongoing basis, helping you track satisfaction and engagement.

Facilitate team bonding

Give your team a natural way to bond with a ‘Friday screenshot’ pic or ‘pizza toppings’ quiz. After all, even when we work asynchronously, we need to build personal relationships, and Geekbot would like to help.

Get started with a prefilled template

Daily Sync

A daily check-in that helps keep teammates singing from the same song sheet.

Monthly 1-on-1

Check in with your team mates at the end of every month to hear how they feel about work and life.

Well-being Check-in

Check-in on your teammates and make sure everyone’s doing OK – a simple way to show support.

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