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Reflect on your way of working and keep getting better at what you do. Geekbot keeps a log of what’s going well in your projects, alongside what you can improve.

Embrace remote retrospectives

Regular retrospectives help you see what’s working — and what’s not. They provide a clear overview of activities, even if your team works remotely. And the best companies in the world see them as the building blocks of the most successful teams.

Analyze specific feedback

There’s no better way to evaluate past work. Get Geekbot to specify the events you want to review from specific contributors. Then let your team talk through the feedback, analyzing recent mistakes and celebrating big wins.
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Plan for iterations

Ongoing feedback is central to improvement. Geekbot makes it easy to plan your retrospective cycle, firing automatic reminders on any schedule you choose. You set the frequency, then let Geekbot manage the rest.
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Report on every project

Whether looking back or forwards, it makes no difference: retrospectives help you build reports for project evaluations. And by listing them by name, Geekbot enables you to find each retrospective in seconds, see the participants, or filter them by tags.

Prepare for virtual retros

Geekbot retrospectives are super-efficient. Not only because the bot collects information in advance, meaning shorter calls and more effective use of time. But you can see who’s reported in a visual overview and then ping whoever is yet to answer.
Using Geekbot on Slack is incredibly helpful for us as a distributed team. We are way better informed what each of us is doing and started to engage more on Slack.
Markus Jaritz, Senior Interaction Designer

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Reflect on what went well and what can be improved. Decide what to focus on next.

Build Your Own

Set your own questions, days and frequency of your retrospective reports.

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