Team well-being

Geekbot can track morale on a daily basis, analyzing natural language responses to help you spot when a teammate needs a helping hand.

Track sentiment over time

You can measure happiness. Geekbot’s Happiness Graph gives a snapshot of how everyone’s feeling, with smart analytics using responses to say if someone’s under strain. And if you sense a teammate’s struggling, ask ‘How’s @susan?” for insights on-demand.

Show support, even from afar

Remote work can cause feelings of isolation. Yet you can keep a finger on the well-being pulse. Check-in on your team through Geekbot’s Well-being template, using confidential even anonymous reports to surface issues and enable a culture of support.

Offer help when help’s needed

People rarely ask for help. But Geekbot’s 1-on-1 template makes personal check-ins part of everyone’s routine. Responses can flag concerns and, if help is needed, you can set up a call, with logged responses tracking your team’s mental health over time.

Make remote work, work

Remote work doesn’t always come naturally. But if you let your teammates share their thoughts and concerns, you’ll always find a way to make it work. We’re all getting used to the new normal. Geekbot’s Work from Home template is here to smoothen the transition.

Feel grateful every day

A regular show of gratitude is proven to promote a positive mindset. But Geekbot’s Reflection Journal does more than ask your team to find what they’re grateful for. It encourages them to think of what will make today great as well.

Get started with a prefilled template

Well-being Check-in

Check-in on your teammates and make sure everyone’s doing OK – a simple way to show support.

Friday Screenshot

It’s almost the weekend! Celebrate Friday with some team snap 📸

Work From Home

Working from home is different. See how your team finds it and learn what you can do to make working-life easier.

I love this product as I can provides me with data on how my team is feeling and at the same time I know what everyone is working on, which is sometimes hard when your run a remote company.

Damian Vavanos, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Social Hackers Foundation

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