Daily standup meetings

Get Geekbot to manage asynchronous daily standups and see your remote team’s updates in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Run asynchronous daily standups

Geekbot’s seamless setup makes asynchronous standups a breeze, letting your team post updates any time that suits. Notifications remind everyone when a post is due. With Geekbot broadcasting replies in a dedicated channel for your team to go through.

Works in your favorite chat app

You won’t have to switch chat apps to use our bot. Geekbot posts questions and updates in Slack or MS Teams. And shows team activity overviews in our dashboard. From here, you can extract custom reports, filtered to show the information you need, in CSV format.

Designed to fit your process

The trusty bot happily slips into any process, using interactive question flows to keep your team in sync. Geekbot’s highly customizable features correspond to your teammates’ local time zones, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone.

Boosts communication and engagement

Geekbot increases team building and transparency, with targeted questions helping your team elevate process flows and spot blockers. Whenever an obstacle’s on the horizon, the bot will surface the issue so that your people take action at the right time.

Reimagine how you measure performance

Dive in, modify, analyze, extract: Geekbot’s data on-demand model lets you avoid micromanagement, unlocking access to the information you need to perform the tasks you want, with detailed history logs revealing insights from past activity.
It’s a simple way to get feedback from the team without bothering them or hopping into a disruptive meeting.
Chris Brisson, CEO at CallLoop.com & SalesMessage.com

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Daily Standup

Keep your whole team in the loop, with updates on daily progress and possible blockers.

Quick Check-in

A short, snappy three-question survey to keep teammates in the loop.

Daily Sync

A daily check-in that helps keep teammates singing from the same song sheet.

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