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When you manage a product, you speak to your teams every day staying ahead of what’s going on. Geekbot complements that bird’s-eye view, helping you track tasks, surface blockers, and optimize processes, all in one place.

Get set up in seconds

Geekbot’s here to save everyone time. Set the bot up in seconds with a simple four-step guide. Then watch it teach your team the best way to use it, with tooltips and useful links making life a breeze.

Run reports on autopilot

Nothing beats an automated process. Which is why you’ll love scheduled standups. Run reports when you want, factoring in different time zones. And set the perfect frequency, be it weekly, two-weekly, the 1st of the month — the choice is yours.

Complement Zoom with Geekbot

Everyone works to a different beat. If you want to run daily reports across an asynchronous team, that’s easy. If you prefer to mix frequent zoom standups with bi-weekly Geekbot reports, that works just as well.
I can get to know my teammates better when we work remotely. Geekbot facilitates icebreaker questions and encourages participation.
Amy Jian, Product Manager at Autodesk

Deep-dive into data

Metrics give an insight into how your team’s working. And the Geekbot dashboard is a data hub. Use Gantt charts to see team activity, filter activities by name, search for specific keywords or expand the date range for one big overview.

Engage your remote team

With Geekbot, it’s easy to keep your team engaged. Regular reporting keeps everyone in sync — while the bot broadcasts summaries in your chosen channel, prodding “@non-responders they have still time to report” and celebrating when someone hits a streak.

Get started with a prefilled template

Daily Standup

A daily check-in that helps keep teammates singing from the same song sheet.


Reflect on what went well and what can be improved. Decide what to focus on next.

Daily Sync

Set your own questions, days and frequency of your retrospective reports.