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Information sharing

Banish lengthy meeting minute reports and hard-to-follow product changelogs. Send clear, concise notes in a consistent format to the people that need to know.

Bring structure to your notes

Meeting notes lack value if they don’t have a clear structure. Geekbot’s intuitive, conversational flow uses targeted questions to log a meeting’s focus, participants, big decisions, ongoing concerns, and actions items to make your notes invaluable.

Keep teammates up-to-date

Meetings and reports aren’t the only way to keep teams in the loop. Geekbot shares notes in a dedicated channel, bringing your teammates up to speed in minutes, all thanks to a consistent format that’s easy to read.

Assign action items by name

Never let a task slip through the cracks. When Geekbot asks the question, “What decisions were made?” — tag @daniel so that he knows an important task awaits. Or to remind him of something you spoke about during the meeting.

Give everyone a heads-up

People need to know when something changes. Geekbot’s changelog ready template lets you ask questions like “What changed with the product today?” or “What changed in the funnel today?” Not only creating a traceable log but keeping your team in the know.

Hack your own automations

Ready to geek out? A portfolio of APIs lets you customize Geekbot, whether that means firing reports after specific events, like merging an integration into staging, or triggering the changelog when you want to inform your team. Our bot is yours to tweak.

Get started with a prefilled template

Meeting notes

A run on demand report that helps you sum up the contents of a meeting for others to access.

Product Changelog

Any change in product development could have impact. Use this preset to keep track.

Very convenient tool to synchronise a remote team. We use it for daily standups as well as for being informed about overall team health. It’s great for managers, and I can recommend it for any remote team.
Yuriy Lazebnyi, Co-owner at Angle2

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