Team bonding

From feedback to praise, light-hearted questions to more serious learnings: there are plenty of ways to build a strong team bond. And Geekbot can help with them all.

Strengthen team bonds

When you work in a team, you want to feel part of a team. Light-hearted questions about favorite ‘Pizza Toppings’ reveal fun facts about everyone, with water cooler-style chats letting people connect, build trust, and establish a more personal bond.

Be constructive or share praise

Whether you want to offer constructive feedback or lavish praise, there’s plenty of room for both with Geekbot. Simple prompts in ‘Team Feedback’ encourage teammates to pen thoughts, clarify expectations, and discover a shared mindset, leading to a better outcome for all.

Make valuable mistakes

Is failing fast a good strategy? Maybe, maybe not. No matter your mindset, every mistake can be valuable, provided you track and analyze each one, before evaluating what went wrong — and with Geekbot’s ‘Mistake Log’, you can do just that.

Shout lessons from the rooftops

When you discover a gem, why keep it to yourself? Geekbot gets teammates to reflect on learnings, then share them with the crowd. Whether it’s a new tool, an exciting platform, or a novel process: tell your team what you’ve found with a Geekbot ‘Today I Learned’ report.

Let your team get creative

Come Friday, who wants to type another 1,000 words? Geekbot lets teammates send selfies, a screenshot, or photos of what’s outside their window. The world is their canvas, giving your people an enjoyable yet intimate way to connect. Find it in our template repository!

Get started with a prefilled template

Pizza Toppings

Help your team relax and bond with fun questions. Movies, interests, you name it!

Team Feedback

Let your team mates know how they are doing. Provide feedback for better or worse.

Friday Screenshot

It’s almost the weekend! Celebrate Friday with some team snap 📸

I can get to know my teammates better when we work remotely. Geekbot facilitates icebreaker questions and encourages participation.
Amy Jian, Product Manager at Autodesk

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