Run Retros in Slack & Teams

Geekbot helps world-class teams see how to improve their workflows, boosting productivity in an agile, engaging, and fun way.

Retrospectives work better in Slack & Teams.

Keep them short

An online retrospective is short and productive, with Geekbot collecting updates asynchronously.

Let everyone speak

Geekbot uses Slack and Microsoft Teams for questions and answers, giving everyone the space to speak up.

Forget time zones

Geekbot works all hours, making time zones, and scheduling conflicts a thing of the past.

Diversify opinions

Geekbot not only collates feedback from all corners. It frees time to build on each others’ ideas.

Build on ideas

Geekbot not only collates feedback from all corners. It frees time to build on each others’ ideas.

Boost performance

With everything handled in Slack or Microsoft teams, people can quickly create an action plan for the next sprint.

Why run a remote retrospective?

The typical retrospective can take an age, yet feel entirely unproductive. Run a remote retrospective with Geekbot, and you’ll not only shorten each one — you’ll collect the insights you need to improve your future workflows.

Engage your team

Geekbot uses Slack and Teams to make retrospectives more fun, more effective, and more engaging. Even the shiest teammates will feel happy sharing their thoughts. Meaning you’ll hear everyone’s ideas on what worked well during a sprint — and what you can improve.

Focus on success

The best retrospective meetings use past performance to make future sprints better. When you use Geekbot, you’ll have an archive of insights to look back on, using them as a guide on the improvements to focus on next.

Master the remote retrospective.

Geekbot can get you started. Our knowledge-base can help you master the art.

Geekbot has helped our disjointed team feel like a team again, in a non-intrusive manner. It fits around my day and my needs in a very convenient way. Ask the core questions for your users to answer when ready.
Alan Small, Co Founder & COO at