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Meetings once kept teams in sync and moving forward, but they’ve become time vacuums that snatch hours from every day.
The typical employee loses nearly 2 days-a-month to unproductive meetings.*
And time is money.
Calculate the cost to your business:
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Geekbot avoids the cost
For just $60 a month, Geekbot frees your people to forge ahead by automating standups, scrums, and sprint retrospectives - reinforcing team culture with surveys and feedback.
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Maintain momentum
Geekbot shares preset questions for everyone to reply when they have a spare moment, avoiding mass disruption.
Identify actions in real-time
Check responses in Slack, reviewing dependencies, blockers, and what’s needed to stride forward.
Enhance your decision making
Extract value from your data with Geekbot’s analytics engine, revealing powerful insights that supercharge productivity.
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