Frequently asked questions

I’ve just set up my Geekbot. What comes next?

Simply wait for the time you told Geekbot to start the workflow. When that time comes Geekbot will send you a direct message with the workflow questions.

What will Geekbot do as soon as it is time for a meeting?

As soon as it is time for a meeting Geekbot will send a direct message to all the participants in the workflow. You can set Geekbot to either ask immediately when it is time for the meeting or wait until a participant has been online in Slack or Teams for a specified amount of time.

What if i don’t have anything to answer to a question?

Simply answer with the word nothing, nope, none, no or – and Geekbot will omit this answer from your report. This way your broadcast channel will not be full of unnecessary information.

I don’t have time for a workflow right now what can i do?

Use the cancel command and Geekbot will cancel your current workflow. Should you change your mind you can use the report command to re-initiate a workflow at any time in the day.

What happens if i don’t answer at all?

The current workflow eventually expires and you can no longer report for that day. Geekbot will just ask again the next time you have a scheduled standup meeting.

How can i edit my posted report?

Go to your direct messages with Geekbot and edit your answers. They will be automatically updated in the broadcast channel & your dashboard.

Where can the reports be published?

You can set Geekbot to publish them in a broadcast channel in Slack or Ms Teams. This channel can be either public or private. Being able to broadcast in private channels means that you can have workflows with specific members without spamming your whole team. Keep in mind though you have to invite Geekbot to a private channel in order for it to be able to post there.

Can i have more than one workflows in one account?

You can create multiple workflows from your dashboard home. Just press the Add new workflow button at the top and setup your new workflow.

What commands does Geekbot understand?

For now Geekbot can understand simple commands like dashboard, report, pause etc. You can find a complete list of commands here. But don’t worry soon it will be almost as smart as… skynet :}

How can i edit a workflow?

You can edit your workflow in the dashboard. To access the dashboard, you can either press the login button on our website or send a direct message to Geekbot in Slack, with the command “dashboard“. Once you are in the dashboard, access the worklfow and press the Manage button, located in the upper right section of the workflow preview window.

How can i add new participants to a workflow?

Edit your workflow from the dashboard home page, go to the members tab, add the new members and save the workflow. Additionally you can sync the workflow participants with the broadcast channel. This way any members being added to or removed from the Slack channel will be updated in the workflow as well.

How many people in my team are using Geekbot?

You can find all your team’s active participants in the dashboard’s billing section under the team overview tab. There you can view all your team’s workflows, participants and workflow owners.

Where can i find my invoice(s)?

All your invoices can be found in the billing section under the invoices tab. In order to receive your invoices in your email inbox, please fill in your billing info in the billing section.

Can i add other members as Admins?

While editing a workflow, you can grant edit privileges to participants, under the members tab. Simply select the participants you want to grant edit privileges to and save the workflow.

Can i tell Geekbot not to ping me during my vacation time?

When it’s your day off or you are on vacation, type the command pause for (x) days. Geekbot will exclude you from all workflows for the amount of days you specify. Anytime you want to start reporting again, just type resume and Geekbot will start sending you workflow questions again.

How do i set my own workflow time?

You can configure the time Geekbot pings you from your Preferences in the dashboard. Make sure the Personalized setting has been set correctly for participants to be able to change time settings individually.

We love Geekbot! Our team uses it every morning for statuses. We consider Geekbot to be a member of our team, literally.
Joshua Jacobs, Senior UX Designer at Mural