Best ScrumGenius Alternative (Free, Asynchronous Meetings in Slack and MS Teams)

ScrumGenius is a great asynchronous standup bot that works with both Slack and Microsoft Teams. 

That being said, if you’re looking for a ScrumGenius alternative, we encourage you to consider Geekbot. We have over 100,000 users, with a 4.9/5 rating on Capterra

Plus, Geekbot is free for teams of 10 or fewer. 

In this post, you’ll learn how Geekbot works, and what differentiates it from ScrumGenius and other competitors. 

Note: The images we use below are of our Slack-integrated standup bot, but we will soon release a Microsoft Teams integration (click here to get notified when it’s live). Again, whichever platform you prefer, Geekbot offers a free plan for smaller teams.

How Geekbot Works

We’ve found that most customers use Geekbot to run daily standups. For that reason, in this section, we’ll guide you through creating and scheduling a daily standup with Geekbot.

First, pick “Daily Standup” from a list of our ready-to-go templates.

Select a template within Geekbot

Note: Again, our focus (and what most customers use Geekbot for) is daily standups. But as you can see above, we do more than that. We also have templates ready to go for Slack polls, retrospectives, monthly 1-on-1s, and templates for more fun, culture building activities (like our Pizza toppings template, Today I Learned template, and so on).

After selecting the “Daily Standup” template, pick when you want the standup to go out, as well as the frequency.

Geekbot can send out standup notifications at the Period & Date that you choose

For frequencies, you can pick everything from “one time only” to weekly to monthly, to the first or last week of the month.

You can also set up your Geekbot account so our bot automatically sends out the daily standup based on each team member’s timezone.

(Compare that to ScrumGenius where you have to manually pick every team member’s timezone).

Notifications can be sent out to team members at their local timezone

This helps you manage remote teams because now you don’t have to factor in everyone’s timezone. 

Say you’re managing a team where some of your developers are in Thailand, while you and the rest of your team are in Chicago. If you don’t remember to factor in everyone’s timezone, then your Thailand team is getting their daily standup questions at 9:00 pm while the Chicago team gets theirs at 9:00 am. 

Once Geekbot receives your team’s responses to the standup questions, they are shared in a Slack channel of your choosing

(Note: If you’re using Geekbot for different types of meetings, such as polls, you can keep the answers anonymous.)

When team members respond to the standup, their messages get sent to the Slack channel

But what if one of your developers forgets to fill out the standup? 

When we first switched to running asynchronousdaily standups we used a web tool to collect responses. The problem was this was a passive web tool — which meant we often forgot to fill it out! 

And even though Geekbot reaches out to your team directly, people can still forget to fill out their responses. That’s why we use reminders. 

Personal Reminders: Smart reminders vs Manual reminders

You can choose between two types of reminders:

  1. Smart reminders: With smart reminders, you’re telling Geekbot to learn your team’s reporting habits. So, if some of your developers almost always fill out their responses after lunch, then Geekbot will start following up with them around that time.
  2. Manual reminders: With manual reminders, Geekbot follows up with each team member who hasn’t responded based on a pre-set amount of time.

Data Driven Insights

Collecting responses to the standup questions is great. But beyond that, with Geekbot, we have several features to give you data driven insights on your team’s answers.

First, let’s look at our dashboard, where you can easily reference important metrics like what percentage of your team is participating in standups, who is currently out of office, report streaks, and more. 

Geekbot's Daily Standup Analytics

Then from our Activity Viewer, you can see where your last sprint slowed down or which tasks took your team the longest to complete. 

This can be used to help you figure out accurate time tracking, i.e. how long a project or task can be expected to take your team.

Geekbot's Activity Viewer

Over time, you can also identify key topics that keep occurring in every sprint: 

Team Topics

Conversational Analytics

We also have a feature called Conversational Analytics that helps you find the information you want quickly.

You can ask Geekbot specific questions and Geekbot uses your team’s answers to give you an answer.

What has the team done in onboarding in the past two months?

For example, you can ask Geekbot, “Who worked on bug fixes since May?” Geekbot then looks at who has mentioned bug fixes and reports back to you.

This makes your job easier because now you don’t have to filter through days of responses from your entire team to get the answer.

What Geekbot Customers are Saying

Below, we look at third-party review sites to get an idea of how different teams like using Geekbot.


We are proud to have a rating of 4.9/5 stars (based on 85 user reviews, as of this publication date).

Reviewers really respond well to the great UI and UX of Geekbot. Plus, they enjoy the opportunity to “collect more data points over time,” which will then help them run their development team.

Geekbot review: "A less intrusive team check-in for remote teams that's easy to use"

A quick noteAlex B.’s review above has “no free tier” mentioned as a con. This review was published in 2019 when we did not have a free tier. But now teams of 10 or fewer can use all of Geekbot’s features for free

Geekbot review: "Super easy to use and quick to setup!"

And of course, remote teams love the fact that Geekbot will automatically factor in each team member’s timezone. 

Geekbot’s Trustpilot Reviews

On Trustpilot, we have 55 reviews with an average of 4.8/5 stars (at the time of writing).

One of our most recent reviews is from a team that had to go into remote work during COVID-19, but they plan on keeping Geekbot as part of their team going forward.

Geekbot review: "Great tool for getting our team closer..."

This reflects something we’ve seen — when we made Geekbot, we thought our main customers would be fully remote teams (like ourselves). But collocated teams love using Geekbot, too. 

They see the benefits of minimizing workflow disruption and letting their team respond to their daily standup responses when it works with their schedule.

Geekbot review: "Very helpful and customizable with great customer support"

Geekbot’s G2 Reviews

Geekbot has 4.6/5 stars based on 43 reviews on G2.

As we’ve seen in other reviews, Geekbot customers really appreciate the ability to automatically schedule standups without having to worry about factoring in every user’s unique timezone.

Geekbot review: "Geekbot is essential to keep our team in the loop"

Plus, Geekbot’s easy-to-use interface makes it quick and simple to get started on running meetings. 

Geekbot review: "Unexpected benefits with this bot"

Final Thoughts: Geekbot Pricing and Next Steps

Geekbot's pricing tiers

Geekbot has three different pricing tiers. 

First, there’s our start-up plan. This plan is free for teams of 10 individuals or fewer. 

Second, there’s our scale-up plan. This plan is $3 per participant per month, and when billed annually, you can save 17%. It kicks in when you have more than 10 users on an account.

We also have an enterprise option where we can make a custom quote based on your needs. 

To get started on your free plan, or your free trial if you manage a larger team, click here

Frequently asked questions

What is ScrumGenius?

ScrumGenius is an asynchronous tool for agile teams that works with several different platforms, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Teams, and even email.
It’s used by Scrum teams to run daily standup meetings and retrospectives.
For Scrum teams who want something different than ScrumGenius, they can check out Geekbot, StatusHero, or Jell.

Can Geekbot Integrate with Project Management Software?

Geekbot can be used with Slack and Microsoft Teams to run more effective daily Scrums, check-ins, and other meetings.
You can also use Geekbot’s API to integrate with your current workflow and task management platforms, whether that’s Jira, Asana, Trello, or something else.

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