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Maintaining Professional Relationships in the Workplace

One of the most challenging things about managing a team is establishing yourself as an authority figure while still being a likable boss that your team wants to follow. On one hand, if you get too chummy with your reports, professionalism and productivity will plummet: Problems won’t get dealt with properly, your team won’t do…

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Is Adaptability More Important Than Talent?

Have you ever seen a contortionist in action? It’s quite amazing, and maybe just a little creepy at the same time. Do they even have a spine? Is the human body really supposed to do that? Anyway, contortionists show an amazing amount of flexibility. Being flexible in their line of work is mandatory. But flexibility,…

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How Is Leadership in the Workplace Changing?

As the world evolves and technology advances, businesses, and their workforces have to adapt to the constant changes. That includes leadership. In fact, in order for companies to successfully navigate the changes, leaders have to set the example. In other words, they have to “lead” the way. But just as technology and other workplace practices…

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