Unlock the Potential of Enterprise Communication With These 9 Tools

Unlock the Potential of Enterprise Communication With These 9 Tools

Think of your favorite app that you use daily. Consider your favorite feature there.

Now, imagine that feature removed or altered. That would make a considerable impact, right?

The tools we use every day shape our habits without us even noticing. Enterprise communication tools are no different – they shape how we work, but on a much larger scale because they affect how the entire company collaborates and communicates.

Here are a few ways in which your tools for business communication affect your company:

  • How easy is it to reach out to someone in your company, both physically and mentally?
  • How much of your work conversations focus on work?
  • How secure is your enterprise communication?
  • Do you have data from past meetings a few clicks away, or is your data spread all over the place, requiring you to constantly rely on instinct?
  • How aware are you of what’s happening within your organization?
  • How isolated do you feel when communicating remotely?

In this article, we will discuss the best enterprise communication tools and why organizations choose them for daily communication.


Mattermost is the go-to messaging and collaboration platform for businesses looking to communicate securely and efficiently. With features such as channel communication, direct messaging, and video conferencing, it enables teams to work together seamlessly.

Although Mattermost, on the surface, might look like a Slack clone, it’s far from the truth. A couple of features make it a compelling solution for secure-first enterprise companies.

One of Mattermost’s unique values for enterprise users is that it provides a secure and private platform for team communication. This means sensitive information stays within the organization, as Mattermost can be hosted on a company’s servers.

Source: Mattermost

Furthermore, Mattermost is highly customizable so that businesses can tailor the platform to their specific needs. Its integration with other tools and services, including Jira, GitHub, and Salesforce, helps to streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Mattermost boasts enterprise-grade security features, such as end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and access controls, making it a reliable choice for organizations that require compliance with industry-specific regulations or handle sensitive data.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based intranet platform that enables businesses to manage, organize, and share information and documents from a single location. Its document management features allow for easy sharing and organization of documents, while custom workflows and automation help optimize workflow specific to your company.

SharePoint integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft tools, making it easy to access and exchange information from several apps. Obviously, Microsoft puts a great deal of emphasis on enterprise security. SharePoint’s robust security features make it a trusted option for organizations handling sensitive data, and compliance features help meet regulatory requirements.

Source: Microsoft

As for team communication, SharePoint offers discussion boards and team sites, facilitating real-time collaboration. Its out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Teams provides messaging and video conferencing capabilities, improving communication across teams.

Overall, SharePoint is a well-secured centralized platform that enhances collaboration, document management, and communication for enterprise users, improving the efficiency of enterprise teams.


The way businesses communicate with their customers makes up a large portion of enterprise communication. That’s where Intercom comes in.

In short, Intercom is a customer messaging platform that helps businesses have personalized and targeted conversations with their customers through web chat, email, or even SMS.

In reality, if you’re an online company, Intercom will become the face of your enterprise for your online customers.

Through Intercom’s chatbot, companies can provide their customers with 24/7 customer support, while the messaging tools enable businesses to establish strong customer relationships and boost customer satisfaction.

Source: Intercom

But Intercom is not merely a chatbot. Over time it becomes a database of all your conversations with customers. You can track the history of communication with individual users, send automated messages, and configure an elaborate FAQ system within the Intercom.

Intercom’s advanced analytics and reporting features are also significant advantages as they allow businesses to track customer interactions, measure customer satisfaction, and make data-driven decisions to optimize customer engagement.

Moreover, Intercom integrates with other business tools like Salesforce and HubSpot, making it easier for businesses to streamline customer interactions and sales processes from a single platform.


Flock is an intuitive enterprise communication and collaboration platform that brings team members together in one central location to work and communicate in real-time.

For enterprise users, Flock offers some significant benefits. It simplifies team communication by providing a single platform for instant messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing. This makes it easier for teams to stay connected, share information, and collaborate on projects.

Source: Flock

Flock also offers unique features that distinguish it from other communication tools. For example, it includes built-in productivity tools like to-do lists, reminders, and polls, which keep teams organized and focused. It also allows app integrations, so teams can connect Flock with other business tools, such as Google Drive and Trello, to further streamline their workflows.

Flock supports advanced security features, including end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication, which guarantee the protection of sensitive business information.


Rocket Chat is a flexible, open-source team communication platform that offers real-time collaboration and integration with other business tools For businesses, the platform offers several benefits, including a secure and customizable environment. Flexible deployment options allow for self-hosted or cloud-based solutions, ensuring data control and compliance with regulations.

What sets Rocket Chat apart from many other collaboration tools are its built-in features, such as video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, and real-time translation. The platform also integrates with other business tools like Salesforce and Jira, streamlining workflows between various project management tools.

Source: Rocket Chat

In comparison to Slack, Rocket Chat offers similar features but with the added advantage of being open-source and self-hosted. This allows businesses greater control over their data and the ability to customize the platform to suit their needs. The pricing model is also more affordable, making it a cost-effective option for larger teams.

The lack of out-of-the-box integrations with popular business tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, is one of Rocket Chat’s potential drawbacks. Platform’s user interface can be overwhelming for some users, which may require additional training for effective use.

Overall, Rocket Chat is a strong contender in the enterprise communication market due to its unique features, customization options, and affordable pricing model.


Slack is one of the most popular real-time messaging platforms that facilitate communication and collaboration among teams through channels, direct messaging, and file sharing.

For enterprise users, Slack provides features that enhance team communication and workflow, including security and compliance measures like two-factor authentication, SSO, and data encryption, admin controls for managing users and enforcing security policies, and integrations with popular business tools like Salesforce and Jira.

Note: Slack can also be utilized to run extremely efficient and time-saving asynchronous daily standups and retrospectives.

Example of an asynchronous daily standup in Slack via Geekbot

For example, the Enterprise Grid is a scalable solution that allows multiple teams and departments to collaborate within their own workspaces while maintaining centralized control over security, compliance, and data governance. Some of Slack’s newest features include Slack Connect for secure communication with external partners, Slack Huddles for audio-first spontaneous conversations, and Slack Clips for recording, editing, and sharing short video and audio messages.

Overall, Slack’s enterprise features help organizations increase productivity and collaboration while ensuring the necessary security and compliance for large-scale businesses.


Simpplr is a powerful cloud-based platform that facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among large enterprises. With Simpplr, employees can easily connect with one another, share information, and stay updated with important company news.

Enterprise users of Simpplr can enjoy a plethora of features to optimize team communication and workflow, including a centralized employee directory, a customizable newsfeed, the ability to create groups for specific teams or departments, a secure document repository, and analytics to track engagement and communication effectiveness.

Source: Simpplr

Simpplr boasts features such as its intelligent search engine that allows employees to quickly find the information they need, customizable branding options to create a personalized employee experience, and a mobile app for convenient access to the platform on the go.

New features continue to be added to Simpplr, such as employee recognition capabilities to foster a positive and supportive work environment, employee surveys to gather valuable feedback and insights, and automated content delivery to ensure employees receive relevant information based on their roles, locations, and interests.

Overall, Simpplr helps large organizations boost productivity, engagement, and collaboration among their employees, resulting in a more connected and informed workforce.


Jostle is an innovative and easy-to-use intranet platform designed to help businesses improve internal communication and collaboration. It provides a central hub where employees can connect, share information, and stay informed about important company news and updates.

Source: Jostle

For enterprise users, Jostle offers several key features to enhance team communication and workflow, including:

  • Organization Chart: A dynamic org chart that provides a clear view of the company’s structure and helps employees find and connect with colleagues.
  • Newsfeed: A customizable newsfeed that allows employees to stay up-to-date with company news and updates.
  • Teams: The ability to create teams for specific projects or initiatives to collaborate and share information.
  • People Directory: A searchable directory that provides quick access to employee profiles and contact information.
  • File Sharing: A secure and organized platform for sharing files and documents.

Jostle includes a platform for employee engagement and recognition, allowing employees to give kudos, share stories, and celebrate successes.

This business communication tool also allows companies to fully customize the platform to match their brand and create a more personalized employee experience.

Some of the newest Jostle features include Jostle Me, a feature that provides personalized suggestions for employees to connect with colleagues they may not have interacted with before; Culture Tools, a suite of tools designed to help companies build and maintain their unique culture, including surveys, polls, and pulse checks.

Lastly, Jostle offers a dashboard that provides in-depth analytics to measure engagement and communication effectiveness.

Workplace by Meta

Workspace by Meta (ex Workspace by Facebook) is a powerful enterprise communication and collaboration tool that brings together teams and simplifies work processes. For enterprise users, Workspace by Meta provides several key benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Security: The platform includes advanced security features to protect sensitive company information.
  • Customizable User Profiles: Employees can create customizable profiles that include professional details, making connecting with colleagues and building professional networks easier.
  • Seamless Integration: Workspace by Facebook integrates seamlessly with other tools and applications, making it easy to streamline workflows and improve efficiency.

Some of the newest features added to Workspace by Meta include:

  • Video Conferencing: Workspace features built-in video conferencing, so teams don’t have to resort to 3rd party call solutions. 
  • Safety Center: During a crisis event, Safety Center empowers you to check in on the safety and security of your employees with ease.
  • Knowledge Library: With Knowledge Library, you can easily create new pages and attach various files and images using simple UI and templates.
  • Automated Workflow: With automated workflow capabilities, employees can streamline repetitive tasks and improve productivity.

In today’s world, efficient and secure communication is crucial for the success of any enterprise. From messaging and collaboration to document management and customer support, there are numerous enterprise communication tools available to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

Source: Meta

In this article, we have reviewed nine of the best enterprise communication tools. These tools offer unique features that enhance team collaboration, document management, customer support, and security.

Ultimately, the choice of which enterprise communication tool to use depends on the specific needs and goals of your organization. Whether you require secure messaging and video conferencing or seamless document management and customer engagement, the right tool can help your business achieve greater efficiency and success.

By evaluating the features and benefits of these tools, you can make an informed decision on which tool best suits your business needs.

Frequently asked questions

What is the role of enterprise communication tools in shaping organizational behavior?

Enterprise communication tools can significantly impact how a company collaborates and communicates, shaping its habits and behaviors. These tools affect how easy it is to reach out to someone, how much conversations are focused on work, how secure enterprise communication is, and how aware employees are of what’s happening within the organization.

What are some key features of enterprise communication tools, and why are they important?

Enterprise communication tools typically offer features like messaging, video conferencing, document management, integration with other tools and services, security, and customization. These features are important as they improve collaboration, streamline workflows, enhance document management, and ensure the security of sensitive data.

What are some popular enterprise communication tools on the market today?

Some popular enterprise communication tools on the market today include Microsoft Teams, Slack, Mattermost, Intercom, Google Workspace, Microsoft Sharepoint, Meta Workplace, and Jostle. Each of these platforms offers unique features and benefits, and the right choice will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the organization.

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