Geekbot Integrations with Zapier (Details and Benefits)

In this post, we look at 10 different ways you can save time by integrating Geekbot with Zapier —  so instead of performing commonly recurring tasks manually, you can now create automated workflows!

Table of Contents

  1. Get Geekbot meeting notes reports when a Google Calendar event ends
  2. Post answers to new Geekbot standup reports in WordPress
  3. Get answers to new Geekbot standup reports via private direct messages in Slack
  4. Get answers to new Geekbot standup reports in Zoho Mail
  5. Add Google Sheets spreadsheet rows for new Geekbot reports
  6. Get answers to new Geekbot standup reports in Gmail
  7. Add new Geekbot standup reports to a Google Docs document
  8. Initiate Geekbot reports whenever you create (or update) an incident on PagerDuty
  9. Initiate meeting notes reports at the start of every new Zoom call
  10. Post new Geekbot check-ins in Discord

Note: This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you don’t see the integration you want below, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Get Geekbot Meeting Notes Reports When a Google Calendar Event Ends

Sometimes you’ll have two or more meetings that overlap, and you can’t attend each one. But you still want to be in the know on any decisions that were made or problems that were discussed.

With this integration, a meeting notes report can be generated the moment an event in your Google Calendar ends.

Event end in Google calendar can automatically trigger a report in Geekbot.

This gives everyone a way to read notes, check decisions, and stay up to date, whether they attended a meeting or not.

Post Answers to New Geekbot Standup Reports in WordPress 

After your team finishes a Geekbot standup report, you can get that information uploaded and published on your WordPress site.

Automatically create post a post in WordPress.

This puts valuable information in one easy to access location, so you and your team (and anyone else with the link) can view what’s happening, even if they’re not in your team’s Slack channel.

Get Answers to New Geekbot Standup Reports via Private Direct Messages in Slack 

Geekbot publishes standup reports in the designated channel.

But what if you wanted new standup reports in Geekbot sent to you (or someone on your team) as a direct message on Slack? This integration makes that possible!  

Automatically send a direct message in slack.

Get Answers to New Geekbot Standup Reports in Zoho Mail

If you spend most of your time in Zoho Mail (rather than Slack), why not get Geekbot updates there too?

This Zapier integration sends the latest answers to your team’s daily standups, retrospectives, and surveys straight to your Zoho Mail inbox, helping you stay up to date, entirely asynchronously, all from your preferred place.

Automatically send emails in Zoho mail.

Add Google Sheets Spreadsheet Rows for New Geekbot Reports

Teams use daily standups, retrospectives, surveys, and more to collect important info. But all of that data can be a challenge to analyze.

With Zapier, you can use Geekbot to gather answers, and then automatically add the information to Google Sheets. That way, you can easily create charts/run analysis and receive useful data-driven insights.

Automatically create a spreadsheet row.

Get Answers to New Geekbot Standup Reports in Gmail

If you spend much of your life in Gmail, why not get progress updates there too?

This Zapier integration sends the latest answers to your team’s Geekbot standups straight to your inbox, meaning instead of opening up Slack, you can now stay up-to-date from the comfort of your favorite email platform.

Automatically create and send a new email message in Gmail.

Add New Geekbot Standup Reports to a Google Docs Document

Google Docs are a popular way to share information and collaborate. But if you’re using Geekbot standup reports, then you’ll need to copy and paste updates out of Slack and into a Google Doc.

Automatically append text to documents.

But now you can just use Zapier to get the meeting update you held in Geekbot — from sprint retrospectives and survey answers to anything else — into a Google Doc, automatically.

Initiate Geekbot Reports Whenever You Create (or Update) an Incident on PagerDuty

With this integration, a Geekbot report is triggered each time an incident is created or changes state in PagerDuty. This reduces the amount of switching between two platforms, and creates a more efficient, centralized process.

Updates in PagerDuty trigger report in Geekbot.

Initiate Meeting Notes Reports at the Start of Every New Zoom Call

What if a team member is too busy and can’t attend a meeting? This Zapier integration can help get them up to speed on what was discussed.

By automatically opening a Geekbot meeting notes report at the start of every new Zoom call, you’ll remember to jot down notes during the call itself, so your team will always know what you talked about and the decisions you made (whether they make the meeting or not).

Trigger a new meeting in Zoom

Post New Geekbot Check-Ins in Discord

What if you wanted your answers sent to Discord chat? (Either instead of Slack, or in addition to it).

This Zapier integration automatically posts standups, retrospectives, survey answers (and more) to the place your team prefers to work from.

Send channel messages in Discord.

Didn’t See What You Need?

If you don’t see the integration you want above, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

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