The easy way to work from home

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Boost communication, keep teams in sync, help colleagues feel connected, and make online meetings a breeze.

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Work from home like you would at the office.

Collaborate freely

Enjoy automated remote work check-ins, remote standups, and remote retrospectives.

Stay productive

Track progress across timezones with group updates every one can skim in seconds.

Share the load

Discuss specific topics in private channels and set tags to get questions answered.

Use time wisely

Keep video and online meetings short, as Geekbot collects and shares updates before you chat.

Feel connected

Teammates should talk, so Geekbot asks people how they feel and what they’ve been up to.

Work as a one

Focus on accountability with transparent workflows that keep everyone in the loop.

Run meetings across timezones

Geekbot automates online meetings, letting you run virtual standups, scrum meetings, and sprint retrospectives without anyone actually turning up. Geekbot collects all the data and shares it across topic-specific channels, so your team knows what’s going on across every timezone, no matter the hour of the day.

Keep comms human

Working from home doesn’t mean working alone. Geekbot encourages friendly interaction and sends reminders for answers at more sociable times of the day. To chat with the world, send updates to a public channel. Or make things personal with a Geekbot private thread. And if you’re searching for detail, filter chats by questions or participants.

Stay data-centric

Don’t let data slip between cross-border cracks, put Geekbot’s AI into action. Geekbot can understand every answer it reads, analyzing topics, activities, tasks, blockers, key dates, and analytics — reminding people when key steps are due and using Sankey diagrams and Gantt charts to turn insight into action.

Master the art of working from home

Our knowledge-base can help you master the art.

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Why our users love us

A less intrusive team check-in for remote teams that's easy to use. We have found our home with Geekbot.
Alex Bass, Consulting Partner for Copper CRM
The best solution to keep a team informed. Very convenient tool to synchronize a remote team.
Yuriy Lazebnyi, Co-owner at Angle2
We love Geekbot. We’ve been using Geekbot for the past month and have found it really increases the engagement of our team.
Dustin Struckman, Exit Advisor
Geekbot has helped our disjointed team feel part of a team again, in a non-intrusive manner.
Alan Small, Co Founder & COO at
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