Customizing reports

We have created a lot of cool features for customizing your reports and streamlining the process. Here you will find all the tricks, from granting report privileges to setting up advanced questions. Pimp your report, now! 🕶

Advanced Question types

We provide different types of questions so you can further customise and organize your reports to receive more specific and accurate responses from your team. You can find them in your question settings. Mix and match different types of questions and create your rocket ship report! 🚀

Plain text

Participants can answer using any kind of written text. Suitable for any type of report.


Numeric questions only accept numbers as answers. This type of question is perfect for sales reports and stats/metrics questions.


Participants don’t type in their answers but instead choose from a list of specific responses. You simply prefill the answers for your team members to select from.


Create a list of questions and Geekbot will choose one off this list at random to ask participants. Fill the list with fun questions like “What is your favorite movie?” or “What is your favorite band?” and build your team culture.


You can set Geekbot to remind you when you need to update your report. Choose the amount of reminders and their frequency from your personal preferences in the dashboard.

Personalized reports

As a Manager you can allow all participants to schedule their own time and timezone settings. In order to do so, you must edit your report, go to the Schedule tab, and turn on the Personalize toggle. Don’t forget to press save.

If you are a Member in such a report you can manage time settings in your personal report schedule in your Preferences. You can configure the time, timezone and even add a time offset. (While using this setting Geekbot will only trigger the report after you've been online in Slack for a set amount of time i.e. after 10 minutes).


In order to manage your reports we have included member privileges to grant different type of privileges to each member. You can set team members that can only report or others that can also edit the report.

All you have to do is edit a report and go to the Participants tab. Check the privileges you want to grant to each member and save your report. That’s it!

Unscheduled reports

Report only when needed, without having a timed schedule or reminders. Essentially an unscheduled report waits for you to trigger the questions, using the report command, instead of asking you based on a schedule. This way you can focus on your work and report only when it is necessary to give an update to the rest of the team.


Sync with channel

Ever needed to keep a report in sync with all the members in a Slack channel? An easy way to do that is to use the sync option in the settings.

Edit your report and go to the Participants tab where you can manage to sync your report with the broadcast channel’s participants. Turn on the sync toggle and Geekbot will automatically add all the users in that channel to the report.

The members in that report will now always be the same as the ones in the channel.


If you’re an advanced user, you can add webhooks to your report and send the data to any location you prefer. The webhooks option can be found in the dashboard’s menu in the API & Webhooks section. Choose the report of your preference and add your URL.

Pause a report

We recommend that you pause a report instead of deleting it, in order to keep all your data stored for future reference. Pause a report for your whole team and resume at any point where you left off.

All you have to do is edit your report, go to the advanced tab and press the pause button.

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