Use commands and streamline your work with your best assistant, Geekbot!

Reporting commands

You don’t always have to wait for the time of the meeting to report your status, you can report on demand by typing the command report directly to Geekbot in Slack.

If you’re not ready to report your status or perhaps you just want to skip your standup entirely, you can type cancel and Geekbot will cancel your current report.

When a question comes up and you don’t have anything to report, just type the command nothing, none or (-). Helps to reduce noise while reading reports.

When you need to find out if you’re blocking your team’s progress, you can type the command blockers and Geekbot will find any blockers your team has reported requiring your assistance.

Time off commands

When it’s your day off or you’re on vacation and want Geekbot to exclude you from the rest of the team reports for a specified amount of days, you can use the pause command. i.e. Type pause for 3 days to skip 3 days. Anytime you want to start reporting again, just type resume and you’re back in business.

Insight commands

To receive a weekly engagement status of your team’s reporting progress, type engagement and Geekbot will send you a list.

To view your team’s daily engagement status on demand, just type engagement today. If you’re participating in multiple reports, to specify the report you want to look into, you’ll have to add the name. For example, let’s say you want to look into your report called Daily standup. You can type engagement today Daily standup. Alternatively, for a weekly status, just type engagement Daily standup.

To access your dashboard, type the command dashboard and Geekbot will give you a link.


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